Canadian Deer Hunting
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Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting

When it comes to big game hunting, few animals can equal whitetail deer. Abundant in Northwestern Ontario, whitetails are the most sought after species by hunters who visit the area. Here the animals live in relatively untouched wilderness areas, with ample cover and excellent forage. This results in a stable population with many large-sized animals - that trophy buck you've been seeking may very well live in the forests of Ontario's Sunset Country. When you visit Ontario for your Canadian deer hunting trip, its not a question of finding an animal it's a question of waiting for the one you want. Bow or rifle hunters will definitely find Sunset Country to their liking. The lush forested areas provide great cover and food sources for the animals and the challenge of the hunt awaits you.

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Guided or unguided hunts are available through the member outfitters of Sunset Country Travel Association, along with quality accommodations and hunting packages that represent great value for your money. Hunters seeking a complete package will want to consider our American Plan accommodations while the more independent hunter can choose from a wide variety of housekeeping cabins. For the more adventurous, a fly in whitetail hunt is an exciting option. In fact, there are few if any other regions of North America with deer hunting outfitters offering a similar service!

Your patience and skill as a deer hunter will be rewarded in Northwestern Ontario. Many who visit take the time to find locations away from access roads, venturing deeper into the bush. There they wait patiently, learning the lay of the land, sources and types of food, and other features that reveal the animals' habits in the area you're hunting. As you wait, scour every possible angle from which that trophy buck could approach. Your hard work and patience will likely reward you with an animal you can be very proud of.

We are continually developing this website, so make sure you check back for new information about hunting in Northwest Ontario and the many lodge, resort and outpost hunting destinations we have to offer. This site provides links to our members who can offer you the hunting experience of a lifetime! For the serious hunter, Ontario is a destination you can't afford not to visit.

Adventure Guide and Map If you want additional information, for your trip to Ontario, Canada, our Travel Association also produces a 84 page Travel Guide that includes a poster-sized hunting map of the area. Click here to order your FREE copy or call us toll free at 1-800-665-7567.

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